She rises while it is still night

She rises while it is still night : dreaming in the four worlds of Kabbalah / Tamar Frankiel
Santa Fe, NM : Gaon Books, [2017]
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"The dreams retold in this book come from nearly two decades of dream experiences. Most, but not all, come from my own dream journals. I don't usually distinguish between my dreams and those of others, however. One reason is to preserve privacy for the dreamers and their friends and loved ones who are dreamed. Another, however, is that dreams are not necessarily personal. Even a dream that clearly alludes to a personal situation of the dreamer may have meanings for other people, hints on how to read dreams, or teachings about mystical cosmology. As Kaplan teaches, dreams do not belong to us. In that light, I also want to note that the dreams herein were chosen to illustrate specifics of the various mystical Worlds, so I focus on how a dream represents one type. Many dreams are a mixture of types, as a dreamer's psyche may be touched by different soul energies on the same night. So if your dreams seem more chaotic or scattered than the ones recorded here, don't be discouraged. We learn to sort them out and hear the soul's messages more clearly as we mature in dreaming work together